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Thursday, July 28, 2005

How did Britney Spears...

How did Britney Spears cross the road ?

With a magic marker

idiot joke

Your mama''s glasses are so thick that when she lookes on a map she can see people waving.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Real Shark Attack

Real Shark Attack

Oh my god !!!!!

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Paris Plage

Parisians can now sunbathe at the world famous Copacabana beach without even leaving the capital.

City authorities have poured some 1,500 tonnes of sand on the banks of the Seine to create 2 km of Brazilian beach.

Tourists, children and office workers can relax under palm trees in hammocks and deckchairs, taking a break in spots named "Ipanema," "Maracana" and "Copacabana" to get a flavour of Rio de Janeiro.

"It's not like a real Brazilian beach, but it's nice," 22-year-old Brazilian samba dancer Tatiane Silva said, after she and her dance team opened the "Paris Plage" (Paris Beach) on Thursday.

Until the end of August, children can swim in a small pool by the river or take climbing lessons, while their parents relax along the bank. It is the fifth annual manmade beach in the city.

"It's fantastic, even for adults," said 23-year-old teacher Elizabeth Love, who came with a friend from Canada. "Other cities should invest money in such initiatives," said Charles Wang, a doctor from the United States.

The first artificial city beach was set up in Paris in 2001, attracting more than 2 million visitors. Temporary beaches have also been set up in cities such as Tokyo, Berlin, Budapest, Rome, Brussels and Amsterdam in the past few years.

Thursday, July 21, 2005


little game
The Most Beautiful Machine
Great Owned Compilation

Friday, July 15, 2005

Don't pee !

On the occasion of their fiftieth wedding anniversary, Billy-Bob decided
to forego a big party and treat Linda-Sue to a memorable evening at home.
Quietly filling the bathtub with champagne, he called her into the
bathroom and they spent a sensual evening soaking in the tub by

When they were finished, Billy-Bob decided he couldn't let all that
expensive champagne go to waste, so he carefully poured it back into the
empty bottles. However, when he was finished, he found he had nearly a
half-bottle too much.

He screamed to his wife, "Linda-Sue, you NASTY BITCH, you DIDN'T ?!?"


PINOPOLIS, S.C. - Dogs don't usually survive alligator attacks — especially when the reptile is three times the canine's size. But Cooper, a 5-year-old golden retriever, is an exception. The spirited dog fought off a 14-foot, 700-pound alligator in a Lake Moultrie canal last month and lived to howl about it.


"I thought he was dead," said 14-year-old Chase Kierspe of the family pet. "The alligator was huge. I didn't think he could fight it. He fights me, but that's all."

Cooper escaped from the backyard for a swim across the canal and apparently attracted the gator. Chase was cutting the grass when he saw the alligator spying his pet. He threw a cup and a lawn chair at the gator, but it didn't budge.

Then Cooper leaped and the gator followed. Chase ran and screamed for help.

After it was all over, Cooper had lost a few teeth and had flesh and muscle torn from a front leg and chunks of skin missing from both haunches. The gator suffered bites to its snout.

"I never heard of a dog getting away from an alligator in the water," said Tom Kierspe, Chase's dad. "You always hear that they grab them, go under and do the 'death roll.' "

The state doesn't keep records of alligator size, but this was "one of the largest if not the largest" the Department of Natural Resources has seen in some time, said Walt Rhodes of the wildlife agency.

The gator's head and hide sit in Kierspe's freezer. He has contacted local museums and parks about getting it mounted and is considering applying to get it certified as a state record.

As for Cooper, Kierspe said, "we changed his name to 'Lucky.'"


Wednesday, July 13, 2005

MI 3

The third installment of the Mission: Impossible franchise is finally on.
After much behind-the-scenes drama, shooting commenced Tuesday in Italy on the big-budget sequel, with Rome's water traffic shut down for a speedboat-themed action sequence.
Alias and Lost mastermind J.J. Abrams is directing the Paramount feature, with Tom Cruise returning to star as Special Agent Ethan Hunt, as well as produce M:I-3.

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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Joke :)

An old man goes to a church, and is making a confession :

Man : Father, I am 75 years old. I have been married for50 years. All these years I had been faithful to my wife, but yesterday I was intimate with an 18 year old.
Father : When was the last time you made a confession ?
Man : I never have, I am Jewish.
Father : Then why are telling me all this ?
Man : I am telling everybody ...


game of the day

little game

My crazy link of the day

Norwegian Airlines - Beauty
"Norwegian Airlines, where what you see is what you get"

cool :)))))

Monday, July 11, 2005

Blog : my selection of the day :)))

The Bag Blog is weblog all about bags, pocketbooks, purses...

contemporary design
modern contemporary design and architecture

I like this blog !

Jennifer Connelly

She's so cute !!!!!!

Rock band

Rock band demands beauty queens :

"A rock band has asked for all of this year's Miss Serbia beauty queen contestants in their dressing room.
Finnish band Apocalyptica included the request in their rider for the Exit music festival in Serbia where they are supporting Garbage.
They also asked for a dozen postcards with stamps already attached so they could write to their mums.
Organisers of the four day festival said they had asked the girls if they were willing to visit the band, but it were not sure they could make it.
A spokesman said: "It was a bizarre request, and I don't know why they wanted the postcards. Perhaps they wanted to write about the girls afterwards.
"It would have been much better if they were all like Garbage who were much more reasonable.
"They just wanted china plates and not paper ones for their food, a certain brand of soap, diet coke and a few bottles of Heineken, which are all things we can provide.""

War Of The Worlds

Tom Cruise sparks 'alien' panic :

"War Of The Worlds has been blamed for a mass panic in Siberia after locals mistook a tornado for an alien invasion.
People in the Khabarovsk region of Siberia jumped into their cars and fled their homes in panic when the freak wind arrived out of nowhere, flattening trees and destroying property.
But officials from local emergency services said the destruction had been caused by a freak tornado that ripped through the area.
They blamed the fear of an alien invasion on the recent showing of the Tom Cruise epic.
Natalia Lukash, spokesperson for Russia's Far-Eastern Emergency Situations Centre, said: "It was a strange phenomenon and many people jumped to the wrong conclusion and believed it had been caused by alien space ships landing in the area."
A team of experts has been sent to the area to survey the damage."

World Cup

Love shack plan for World Cup

"German MPs want to erect love shacks for the 2006 World Cup 2006 so prostitutes can service football fans in private.
Tens of thousands of prostitutes are expected to converge on World Cup venues and politicians fear many will offer their services in the open.
The portable cabins, inspired by the success of the drive-in-brothel projects in cities such as Cologne, will be set up in areas where the football matches will take place.
Christian Democrat Dirk Lamprecht, who put forward the idea, said: "The boxes would certainly be a better alternative to prostitutes offering their services on the streets, in parks or in local zoos."
German paper Bild quotes experts who predict an influx of over 40,000 foreign prostitutes into the country over the next year.
A spokesman for Dortmund's Public Affairs Office, where six of the games are to be held, said the town needs a plan to deal with the incursion.
He said: "If hundreds of foreign women join the 380 prostitutes already on Dortmund's strips near the stadium we'll be bursting at the seams. We have to prepare now, or it will turn into Sodom and Gomorrah.""

Sex new 2

Women wanted to test sex machine :

A Serbian man who has invented a sex machine for women is appealing to western women to test his device.
Nesa Proka, from the central town of Krusevac, made the appeal after failing to find any willing Serbian women.
He has taken out a patent on what he says is the "ultimate sex aid" for lonely women after spending three years working on it.
The machine, which runs on a 390 volt electric engine, simulates sex and has a seven and a half inch artificial 'penis'.
He said: "My sex machine has an artificial penis that can make up to 180 moves in a minute. A man can only manage that intensity of movement for about five seconds but the machine can do it for as long as the woman wants.
"And it comes with a set of controls to fully regulate the speed and intensity a woman for individual sex."
But Proka said he would have to market it in the west because he had not been able to find any Serbian woman to test it out.
"Western women are more liberal. I couldn't find a woman here to try the sex machine," he told local daily Glas Javnosti.
But he did admit that some local women were curious about his invention and a few had come into his garage where he keeps it locked away just to look at it.
One reportedly told the newspaper: "If I had a machine like that at home I would never go outside the front door."


Extra sex time

Sex news (Friday 8th July 2005) :
Extra sex time for convicts ?

Belgian prisoners could be granted extra time for sex after a Catholic University student complained two hour conjugal visits were too short.
Convicts are currently allowed one two-hour undisturbed visit from their partner every month.
But Louvain Catholic University student Ina van Havere, who conducted a study into the sex lives of prisoners, says the short time granted leaves relationships "very strained".
Havere says the time restraints mean couples are forced into bed almost immediately, leaving them with no time to talk.
Justice Minister Laurette Onkelinx has now requested a copy of her report which she promises will be fully examined.

Sunday, July 10, 2005


poem !!!!

"A poem - 1993
Come to me, she whispered
Come to me, she cried
Come to me, I love you, she promised, but she lied.

Come to me, I need you - come to me, I'll try. Come to me, lay with me, stay through the night

Come to me, I begged her
Come to me, I sighed
Come to me, stay with me, don't say goodbye

The refrain never changes
It echoes in my mind
Come to me, I need you, come to me, I'll try

The door gently closes
Silently I cry
Come to me, lay with me, at least stay the night"

Spring Break

Real Spring Break College Girls :::)))))))
Spring break pics


Saturday, July 09, 2005

Masuimi Max

11 sets of Masuimi Max !!!! She's fantastic !!!! :
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Pics of the day

Sexy pic


Friday, July 08, 2005

beautiful girl !!!

beautiful girl : sexy asian babe !!!