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Monday, July 11, 2005

Rock band

Rock band demands beauty queens :

"A rock band has asked for all of this year's Miss Serbia beauty queen contestants in their dressing room.
Finnish band Apocalyptica included the request in their rider for the Exit music festival in Serbia where they are supporting Garbage.
They also asked for a dozen postcards with stamps already attached so they could write to their mums.
Organisers of the four day festival said they had asked the girls if they were willing to visit the band, but it were not sure they could make it.
A spokesman said: "It was a bizarre request, and I don't know why they wanted the postcards. Perhaps they wanted to write about the girls afterwards.
"It would have been much better if they were all like Garbage who were much more reasonable.
"They just wanted china plates and not paper ones for their food, a certain brand of soap, diet coke and a few bottles of Heineken, which are all things we can provide.""


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